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Laura Rike - Owner Laura Rike Advertising Services

It was a relief when Alex and I connected for Pinterest. Alex cared about his work/clients and the time and care he put into truly providing the best results for them. I was so excited to be able to invite him to work with my team as an Ads Manager. He is reliable and super communicative. One of the things I loved the most is how he never stopped providing suggestions to other team members, to our clients and to me so we could all grow and learn together. The results he helped provide for our clients was honestly a bonus on top of all of the other amazing benefits of working with him.


Erin Harding - Pinterest Ads Director at Simple Pin Media

Alex is such a joy to work with. He has been working on my team as an Ads Manager with Simple Pin Media (Pinterest Management Agency) since 2020. I love his drive to help others grow their business through advertising. He is incredibly motivated, communicative, reliable, and smart! I would absolutely trust my business in his hands.

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