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Promoted Pins are native, which means they’re natural to the browsing experience. Pinterest Ads appear in the search results that your target market is seeking. Your future customers are already searching for what you’re selling!

And once the campaign is done, your ad stays on the platform forever. What happens when a Facebook or Instagram campaign runs out?

Your customers even SAVE your Pinterest ad and spread it to followers. Your ad going viral.. how great is that?!

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Pinterest Ad campaigns include:

  • Custom campaign strategy, build & launch.

  • Daily campaign monitoring and optimization.
  • Weekly reporting on your campaign performance with a Loom video.

  • Your Ads for You! We take care of all the graphics, videos, and creative copy of your ads.

  • Effective keyword bidding strategies to maximize the delivery of your ads. 

  • Installing the Pinterest tag onto your site so your business can measure conversions from Pinterest. 

  • Connecting your catalog so it appears in the Pinterest Shop section. 

  • Claiming your business as a Verified Merchant, gaining more trust from shoppers.

  • Comprehensive end-of-campaign report detailing its performance, analytics of the target market you’ve reached, and guidance on what to do next,

  • Crossing ad campaigns with your Amazon store.

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Conscientiousness is our primary core value. We are thorough, diligent, and dependable in everything we do. So when it comes to a Pinterest Ads campaign, it's simply not in our DNA to:

  • launch a campaign that we don't believe will achieve your goals

  • make strategy decisions without careful deliberation

  • spend your ad dollars frivolously


Transparency is our second core value. All of our Pinterest Ad weekly reports come with a guided Loom video detailing your progress and describing our decision process when making changes to your campaign. We then answer any follow-up questions you may have. We put our cards of the table from our first interaction and you're never left in the dark. 

The success of your business is taken very seriously and you can trust that your Pinterest presence is in excellent hands.

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