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See how we helped brands grow their business with Pinterest

6.69x Return on Ad Spend

Vertical:  Gifts | Valentine's Day

Brand: Daydream Dessert ™

Daydream Dessert™, a vegan chocolate company specializing in non-dairy, non-gluten truffles, approached KingPin Services to promote their gift boxes for Valentine’s Day. After 6 weeks, the campaign reached a total 2.14x return, including a 6.69x catalog shopping campaign.

$33,000 in Sales in 30 days

Vertical:  Specialty Jewellery

Brand: Agency White-Label

In Q1 2022, a high-end jewellery brand requested to promote their lines on Pinterest. After only 30 days, using middle-low funnel marketing strategy with conversion and catalog shopping campaigns, KingPin reached a 7.58x ROAS and $33,500 in revenue.

Shopping Ads 5.91x ROAS

Vertical:  Beauty | Skin Care | Kids

Brand: Bubbsi

Bubbsi, a natural coconut oil skincare for babies and kids. approached KingPin Services to target parents and the baby gift market. After a full-funnel marketing strategy of awareness, consideration, and conversion campaigns, our dynamic retargeting campaigns achieved a 6x return on ad spend in Q1 alone. 

30 days: $22,000 revenue, 4.25x ROAS, 60 Add-to-carts

Vertical:  Specialty Office Desks

Brand: Burotic

Burotic, an office furniture start-up, approached us to build their Pinterest profile, implement SEO, and run ad campaigns for their stand-up desks. Even with distribution limited exclusively in Canada, we achieved over $22,000 in revenue, 4x return on ad spend, and 60 add-to-carts in 30 days.

2M impressions, 7000 outbound clicks, 7.33x ROAS

Vertical:  Home Decor

Brand: Agency White-Label

Pinterest is the heart of home decor inspiration, searching for ideas on decorating every room, from adorable nurseries to chic basements. Therefore, it's no wonder we got such amazing results from a relatively unknown brand. Remember: 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded, so your business can compete with the big players.