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I knew that I wanted to go into marketing before I even knew what it was. I was 12 years old, it was the Super Bowl, and the next day in class, everybody was talking about the commercials. I thought, "How could there be more attention to the ads than the game itself"? That fascination grew to a passion of clever TV ads, radio jingles, and print ads (Absolut vodka!) that I loved critiquing. That's when I saw an opportunity to build a career out of something that was fun and had endless potential. 

I had the same feeling when I discovered Pinterest to promote my affiliate marketing site. I was able to post all the content I wanted for free and users were pinning my content to their boards, and then more users to their boards! It grew slowly but consistently to the point that I was on page 1 of certain Google search results, all organically.

When Pinterest became a public company in April 2019, I knew more attention would go into advertising. But I love that Pinterest "ads" are just the same pins you're pinning, but you're promoting them to appear higher in searches. They're not obtrusive like other digital ads and users are actually searching and sharing them for you!

Today, I invest my time, energy, and funds into staying up-to-date with Pinterest news and best practices. I take courses from the highest reputable Pinterest knowledge providers, subscribe to paid Pinterest marketing forums, read every blog, listen to every podcast, and check every newsletter on a regular basis to know more about the platform. The Pinterest algorithm is constantly changing. If something changes on Pinterest, I’m on it.

As a result of all this, your business will benefit from my drive and know-how. If you want to have a remarkable presence on Pinterest and experience incredible returns, go with a KingPin.

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